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April 10th, 2024
Within the adoption world, “Gotcha Day” represents the day that a family brings an adoptedchild into their forever family. It’s a day of celebration and is something many adopted families celebrate on...  Read More
A Silent Transformation
April 3rd, 2024
In the Scriptures, we see Jesus use four different metaphors to describe how His movement, the Kingdom of God, advances in our world. Jesus said it advances like salt, like light, like yeast, and like...  Read More
Jesus Can Handle Your Mess
March 27th, 2024
A few weeks ago, right in the middle of worship, a Hopester in front of me spilled her big cup of coffee. When she realized it, she looked around at the rest of us somewhat embarrassed and made a comm...  Read More
God Sits With US
March 20th, 2024
A couple weeks ago, the Hope ducks showed back up! We have a pair of ducks that come here every year and it makes my heart happy. It’s sort of the unofficial start to Spring for all of us around the o...  Read More
Longer Tables, Not Taller Fences
March 13th, 2024
Lauren and I have lived in our home, here in Andover, for almost six years. That may not seem long to you, but it’s our first home together and it’s the house we’ve brought all our children home from ...  Read More
My Leap Day Prayer
March 6th, 2024
Leap Day just came and passed. What did you do? Did you celebrate it, or did you treat it like any other day? Leap Day isn’t something that most people recognize as a special day, but this year I foun...  Read More
Walk Toward The Mess
February 28th, 2024
This past Sunday we took a look at one of my favorite verses: “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well” (1 Thess. 2:8). It’s ...  Read More
I Think This Is Broken
February 21st, 2024
Have you ever been frustrated by something you see that needs fixing, and you know how to do it, but -- doggone it! -- it's not your job?That was me last year, trying to find something on the Hope web...  Read More
Your Life Is A Letter
February 14th, 2024
Two Sundays ago, during our 9am service, we had a medical emergency. I’m grateful to reportthat the individual involved is alright, able to laugh about the situation, and grateful for thosewho jumped ...  Read More
Pray? Give?
February 7th, 2024
When a blessing comes our way, it always makes me smile. When the blessing is completelyunexpected, it’s a reminder that I’m not in control and that God is with me. It’s also reassuringbecause I know ...  Read More
Living & Longing
January 31st, 2024
This coming Sunday, we will be starting a new sermons series titled “Living & Longing,” and wewill be working our way through the letters of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. I’m guessing we will be inthis serie...  Read More
Don't Miss This Sunday
January 24th, 2024
I have an app on my phone that gathers all my pictures and posts and creates a slideshow of memories from particular events or moments in my life. I love looking at it and being reminded of all that w...  Read More




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