Don't Miss This Sunday

I have an app on my phone that gathers all my pictures and posts and creates a slideshow of memories from particular events or moments in my life. I love looking at it and being reminded of all that was going on a year ago…or ten years ago.

Frequently, I’ll open the app and remember a great night with friends, or be shocked to see how much my kids have grown within a year, or remember a sweet family moment that I had forgotten about. It’s good to stop and remember.

I don’t believe we should live in the past, but I do believe we should take time to remember the moments that shaped and defined us. And to remember the moments where the Heavenly Father was clearly present and working in our lives.

It’s only by looking back that we see the great distance we have traveled and the great provision and blessing the Heavenly Father has given. These are things we might miss if we don’t take time to stop and remember.

Ironically, it is when we look back and see the great faithfulness of our Heavenly Father that we can move forward with courage and peace, knowing He is always by our side.

In Matthew 16, Jesus’ disciples went on a trip and forgot to take bread. They were discussing among themselves the mistake they had made. (The humorous part of the story is Jesus, on two different occasions, had previously multiplied a few fish and loaves of bread to feed thousands.) While the disciples were discussing their mistake of bringing no food, Jesus was listening and asked them, “You of little faith, why are you talking among yourselves about having no bread? Do you still not understand? Don’t you remember the five loaves for the five thousand, and how many basketfuls you gathered? Or the seven loaves for the four thousand, and how many basketfuls you gathered?” Jesus, with a little frustration in his tone, asks the disciples to remember.

Are there any moments you need to stop and take time to remember? In doing so, you might gain courage and faith to move forward!

This coming Sunday is our Annual Meeting. It’s not a boring, stuffy, get-me-out-of-here type of meeting. We make this one of those “don’t miss Sundays of the year!” You’ll laugh, hear some interesting announcements, and you might even learn some new things about this great Church we are all a part of. During this meeting we will also take some time to remember the great things the Heavenly Father has done within, and through, our church family. I hope you’ll plan on joining us!