Guns, Alcohol and Outlawed Books

It has only been four months since I officially took over the Missions role here at Hope. It feels like so much longer! Trying to wrap my head around all we do here at Hope has been a fun and humbling challenge. Did you know we support over 20 missionaries or mission organizations on a monthly basis? Additionally, we help put water filtration systems in towns across Cuba,  send Hopesters on mission trips, support local churches, help with unexpected medical expenses for our missions partners and support young people who are interested in pursuing their calling through training opportunities as well as a host of other one-off projects.  

I have grown increasingly grateful for Hope’s heart for missions over these past four months and have enjoyed getting to know our missions partners on a deeper level.

One of our partners is Mike Parks. Mike works with Freedom Partners International and goes into tough, war-torn areas to provide support. He is currently working with groups in Kurdistan, Iraq and in Lebanon. One of their projects in Iraq is translating the TUMI materials into the Kurdish Sorani language. He shared this TikTok video with me showing how the books are smuggled across the border into Iraq.

I asked him if all those packs in the video were filled with TUMI books, and he said “Not all, they carry all kinds of things like electronics and things that are illegal like guns, alcohol, and outlawed books…”

I’m thankful for the work Mike and his team are doing. 

Another one of our mission partners is Jan Thompson, who has the #1 and #37 Hope Street orphanages in Haiti. As you can imagine, Haiti is a really tough place to be at the moment and getting supplies is next to impossible. Thankfully, Jennifer Hill was able to step in and help out. Jennifer serves across the island in the Dominican Republic working with an orphanage and providing support for people who have aged out of the system. Jennifer worked with Jan and a friend of Jan’s to arrange a shipment of supplies. Jennifer met Jan’s friend at the DR/Haiti border and all the supplies were delivered successfully to Jan at the orphanage! And I just learned this week that this has turned into a monthly shipment, Yay God!
I’m thankful for the work Jennifer, Jan and their teams are doing. 

God is being glorified here at Hope and around the globe. This Sunday is Missions Sunday and I’m excited to share how missions is much more than what we might initially think. We’ll also have a brand new missions directory for your family to take home. It lists out all the missions partners we support on a monthly basis — who they are, where they serve and what they do. My hope is that you will take one and keep it in a place where you can pray for our missionaries often.