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Disruption is not the enemy

***This week’s newsletter brought to you from Guadalajara and Pastor Mark

Disruption is not the enemy. In fact, it can be a gift.

We ran out of gas at our house yesterday but I desperately needed a shower after playing soccer. So, with an inactive hot water heater, my relaxing shower was incredibly cold and incredibly not relaxing. But as I yelped at the icy water, it was a shock to my senses and ended up being reinvigorating to me. I think the same can be said for other disruptions in our lives.

Sure, they might be unpleasant at the time, but God has a way of using them for good.
Over the course of life, there are many things we do simply because that is what we have always done. We don't find a better way or even take a step back to think why we do certain things. Sometimes it takes a disruption that throws us into something new or unfamiliar and we are forced to use a different set of muscles or instincts. And along the way, this disruption process presents the opportunity to lean closer into the Father.

On a large scale, Mexico has been that for me. It has disrupted most things about our lives, and we are growing as a result. But I think even in the small and mundane, there is disruption for everyone that can provide similar opportunities. Here are a few examples:

...While teaching, and our internet connection is lost and I have to pivot and think on my feet how I can use the white board or other analog resources. A new lesson comes forth as I have students answer on a piece of paper, "Why am I here on earth?" and leads to an awesome discussion.
...When I am planning logistics for a mission trip and a wrench is thrown into those carefully laid plans, it is an opportunity to come back to the purpose of the trip. A new idea emerges and the whole trip is made better from the ground up.
...When student causes an actual "disruption" in the class and I have to discipline, but through it all we have a meaningful conversation and it brings our relationship closer.
...When I left a certain role at Hope for a season and there is a gap that needs to be filled, but then a very capable person steps up and finds a place according to their gifting and develops their God-given talents.

As I type, I'm also reminded of covid as a great disruption. When the pandemic struck, it changed routines, work, and much of life. But during that time, I was able to use that disruption to create a video study to help people understand the Bible in 10 short lessons. There was no way that I would have done that but the disruption provided the margin to pursue this creative endeavor. And this year in Mexico, I have been able to use that course as a foundation to what I am teaching in the classroom.

What has been a disruption for you? Ask God what he wants to accomplish through the disruption. You might not see it right away, but when you take time to reflect, it is awesome to see the growth, the new idea, or the refreshed vision. May the Lord use disruptions in your life that go beyond frustration to help you follow His purposes.