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My Time Away-I'm Grateful

Next week, I'll be heading out on a three-month sabbatical. I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago here. Please know that I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity, and I understand that not everyone is given this great gift. Because of that, I truly desire to steward my time well and to honor the intention of this sabbatical.
In fact, back in 2022, I started planning and dreaming about my sabbatical. I ended up applying for the Lily Foundations Clergy Renewal grant. More than five thousand pastors apply annually, so I knew it was a long shot to win, but I was one of the one hundred applicants given the award. Again, I’m unbelievably grateful! This grant will allow our family to have some fun and unique memory-making opportunities while also providing me with some experiences that will renew my soul.
One of the unique experiences will be spending seven days at Christ in the Desert Monastery. It’s a solitude retreat with little to no talking allowed throughout the week. I’m a talkative guy so I’m a tad anxious, but I also know it will be good for me to slow down, spend intentional extended time in prayer, and hang out with some big-bearded monks!
Another amazing experience my family will get to do together is visit my great-grandfather’s
church in Paris. My great grandfather, Anthony Martineau, lived his childhood through early
adult life in Paris, France, graduating from Sorbonne University, before eventually immigrating through Ellis Island, settling in Brooklyn, NY, and becoming a US citizen. Our family history tells us that Anthony became a follower of Jesus during his days at the Sorbonne, and that he immediately started preaching at Eglise St. Marcel church. Anthony was also adopted, so our family has a particular interest in his story. It will be fun to visit the church where he was a pastor.
Along with some other fun trips, I plan on finally knocking out home projects, reading books, hanging out with friends, and spending extended time with Liz and the kids. I also plan on spending intentional time praying for you all and seeking direction for our church.
While I am away, will you please be praying for a few things? Please pray for our staff, who will be stepping up to lead and teach during this time. Please pray for our church, as we have no reason to miss a beat while I am gone! Pray for HopeMart, VBS, R4R, summer mission trips, and the many fun things happening this summer. And please pray for my family and me, that we would have a fun and sweet time together, and that I would clearly hear from the Lord His plans for us as a church during this next season together. Thank you.