Jesus said, Whoever comes to me I will never drive away.

Jesus didn’t say we have to get our act together first, come dressed up, or look and act a certain part.

Instead, He invites people to come to Him and promises He'll never turn them away.


We follow His example. Hope is for everyone.

SERVICE TIMES: 9:00 & 10:45 am

1831 E. 21st St, Andover KS

A short welcome from Pastors Nick and Charlie

Some questions you may have...

What are Sunday services like?
Both of our Sunday services are identical. At 9 or 10:45 am, we meet in The Barn. Led by our worship band, we'll sing a few worship songs, then have announcements and a 5-minute break. After break, there's a teaching, usually about 20 minutes long. The entire service lasts about an hour or so.

For details about what happens for kids and youth, see those questions below.
What should I wear?
From the very beginning of Hope, we wanted to make our worship services a place where no one has to worry whether they're "dressed up" enough. Jeans, shorts, tshirts -- all are welcome.

And if you prefer to wear your best to church, well that's okay too! 
Tell me about the teaching.
We place a high value on God's word. The typical pattern for our teaching time is to work through an entire book of the Bible over several weeks, a section at a time.

Most Sundays, you'll find Pastor Nick or one of our other preaching pastors walking us through a specific passage, and exploring not only what the scripture means, but what it means for us as we try to live as followers of Jesus.
How do I get to Hope?
We're located in Andover KS, a suburb of Wichita. Our campus is located on 21st St, about a mile east of Andover Road, and just west of the Andover Turnpike exit.

1831 E 21st St, Andover KS
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Once you arrive, park anywhere, and walk to the breezeway between the original building and The Barn. The Barn is where services are held.
What's with the coffee break?
Yeah, we have a coffee break! It's a little weird, but that's never stopped us!

It's a short break to give parents a chance to get their kids to their classes, and for the adults to have a chat with their neighbors, if they want.

The self-serve coffee bar is open from the beginning of first service through the end of second service. There are several flavors of coffee "on tap," as well as hot water for tea or cocoa. And yes, it's all free.  :)
What do you have for babies and kids?
We're so excited to meet you! We want to help make your first visit reassuring for you and your kiddo(s). We offer a nursery for infants, and worship and learning designed for specific ages.

Kids' classes begins at 9:00 and 10:45, but kids are also welcome to worship with their parents in the Barn and then join their class at the coffee break. Do what works best for you!

When you're ready to check in, ask a greeter to direct you, or go to the original building (not the Barn). When you walk through the doors under the breezeway, look straight ahead: we're the big metal desk under the "Kids of Hope" sign. We'll help you get all your information in and show you how to check in to our security system.

For more information, please visit the Kids of Hope page.
Is there a Sunday program for middle and high school students?
Yes! Middle schoolers have a program especially designed for them at 9am. And then there's one for High School students at 10:45. Both take place in the Bison Room, located in the original building (not The Barn).

For more info:
Middle School Ministry
High School Ministry
Am I expected to put money in?
Hope guests are never expected or pressured in any way to donate! We don't pass an offering plate. This is one of the ways we've intentionally designed our service so no one feels pressured. We just want you to feel welcomed and accepted.

Still have a question? Let us know!