Steve Weldon, Founding Pastor

I'm a Follower of Jesus who's continually amazed how God our Father can love someone like me and, in fact, He even likes me! By God’s grace and, quite often due to His sense of humor, I've been exceedingly blessed to lift up Jesus in full-time service during the last 40+ years. From Mt. Rainer National Park, to San Jose California, to Wichita -- to being called as the Founding Pastor of Hope Community Church in 1990(?).

I've also been privileged to share the love of Jesus in many places around the world: Belize, Nepal, Philippines, Israel, Egypt, India, China, Tanzania, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Peru, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Colombia, and Mexico. Every time I travel to these places, God’s love and beauty keeps expanding in my heart and mind.

I've been married to my awesome wife, best friend, and partner Sharon, since 1981. (She helped start the Bullfrogs & Butterflies Preschool at Hope, has served as the Director, and has taught preschoolers for over 40 years.) We have two grown daughters, of whom we are proud parents.

I love the outdoors, especially the mountains, where it seems I hear our Father’s voice the clearest. I've enjoyed the Rockies and Cascades Mountains, hiked the Andes Mountains, and twice been to Mt. Everest Base Camp.

I’ve also been a bicycle guy for many years and am still participating in cross-country bicycle rides. (Go, Ride 4 Refugees!) I like cheeseburgers and ice cream – which is why it’s important I keep riding!

My claim to fame is I saw Led Zeppelin twice, once in Detroit and in Indianapolis.

I've earned my gray chrome beard, and marvel more than ever at the grace and love of God.