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Hope Institute: On Race?

For many years, Hope has offered weekend “courses” consisting of teaching and discussion on
specific topics, called Hope Institute. In the past, we have been able to discuss a variety of
subjects, such as, the End Times, Heaven, Hell, How to engage in the world/politics, Why we
can trust the Bible, among many others. This semester, we are focusing on a topic that I
anticipate will be very helpful for us, A Kingdom Conversation on Race.

Talking about the concept of race is something that some might not think is a vital or helpful
conversation to have. To others, it is simply uncomfortable, so best to avoid it. But, whenever I
have engaged in the topic with people outside my own race, they always seem to think it is a
pretty important conversation to have. And I have always grown from and been challenged by
those conversations. It is helpful to have a variety of voices in our lives that can challenge us to
think Biblically about how we look at the different issues in our world today. So, I believe it is
beneficial for us to not just lend an ear, but engage our hearts and minds in this topic of race.
If you are able to attend this upcoming Hope Institute, my guess is you might hear things that
might make you uncomfortable, things you’ve never heard before or things that might
challenge some preconceived ideas. And those can be good things!! None of us have arrived.

None of us have perfect knowledge. We all are on a journey in pursuing God, knowing Him, and
understanding how to live for Him in this world. So, let’s humbly seek the Lord to teach us
through His Word for this special time together.

In talking with Dr. Smith via zoom, I was struck by his kindness and hospitality. He is very
approachable and inviting and this is a great place for us to come in as learners, ask questions,
and consider how we as Christians navigate and enter into conversations about race. If you
have ever been confused, intimidated, or frustrated by this conversation of race, this is a great
opportunity for you. I encourage you to consider attending this space we are creating for you to
come listen, share, and be transformed in this discussion.

As mentioned on Sunday, there is coffee, donuts, pizza and childcare available throughout the
event, all at no cost to you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family to
attend this event and partake in this important teaching. I hope to see you there as we learn
together! We will meet on Friday November 10th 6-8:30pm and Saturday November 11th 9am-
noon in the Barn. Please try to plan to attend both sessions if possible. Please take a few
seconds to sign-up here: https://welcome2hope.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1980500

Pastor Mark