Baptism Sunday Was A Slam Dunk

For more than 35 years now, we have held an Annual Baptism celebration! This year’s baptism celebration was held on our basketball court, and it was a slam dunk! We had 80 Hopesters make their public profession of faith through the act of baptism (4 earlier in the week, 75 on Sunday, and one more this week). It was a sacred and holy occasion that surely made Jesus smile!

Before these Hopesters made the decision to “get dunked for Jesus,” they each attended a baptism class taught by one of our pastors. We have a class designed for our kids and one for our youth and adults. In these classes we teach the who/what/where/when of baptism, and we try to help each person understand the significance of the decision to commit to “Team Jesus.”

Each Hopester that was baptized signed the statement below:

I understand that baptism is my way of publicly demonstrating my personal commitment to Jesus Christ. I am publicly giving witness that I have placed my faith in Jesus and acknowledge Him as the only Son of God and the only Savior of the world, agreeing with what Jesus said in John 14:6,
I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
I also understand that my baptism is a witness to God and all who will watch. I am not just turning toward God, but away from sin, striving to daily become more and more a disciple of Jesus, striving to live the way He desires for me to live.
The Hopesters that were recently baptized didn’t just make a one-time decision; they made a commitment “striving to daily become more and more a disciple of Jesus…” While we know that none of us are perfect, we see that baptism is the start of daily striving to live the way Jesus desires.
In Acts chapter 2 we see the early church had their own epic celebration as they baptized three thousand people in one day (Acts 2:41). Right after those baptisms, we are told, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” (Acts 2:42).

While we see that baptism is a public profession of our faith, we also see it leads to a deeper dedication to Jesus!

Have you ever been baptized? How’s your “striving daily to become more and more a disciple of Jesus” going? The beautiful thing about Jesus is that He is always welcoming when you turn to Him.

Last Sunday’s epic celebration was just the start. Would you be willing to join me in praying for these 80 Hopesters that recently made the public commitment to start the journey of daily striving to be more like Jesus?