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Ups & Downs

This coming Sunday we will be starting a new sermon series, taking a few months to look at the ups and downs of David’s life. The life of David is recorded in a number of Old Testament books in our Bible, and as we study his life, I’d recommend you go straight to the sources: the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel, much of Psalms, and a bit of 1st Kings and 1st Chronicles. It is my hope that you’d open up your Bible and spend some time reading about his life.

People tend to love the story of David. He was a shepherd, a musician, a good friend, a king, and a great sinner. And somehow, thousands of years after he lived, his story still seems very relatable to many of us.

David’s life was a roller coaster of ups and downs, a sweeping multi-layered drama of a simple man with tragic sins and in extraordinary circumstances. Some of his pain was self-inflicted, and some of his pain was the result of living in a sin-filled world. Yet, throughout David’s story, we still see the Lord’s miraculous provision, grace, and blessing! David’s story is the epitome of a rags-to-riches underdog who ultimately triumphs, and the phrase “David and Goliath” is a faithful staple of our culture, regardless of personal beliefs.

However, in David’s life there are also tales of his desperation – his awful, embarrassing affair with a married woman and the subsequent murder of her husband. The tragic fallout and consequences of those sins had a generational impact, and yet we see David repent of his ways and God redeem a terrible situation.

When we study the life of David, we will see a man that had a profound understanding of the weight of his own sin yet also comprehended the overwhelming love of his Creator. We will see a man live through the ups and downs of life and still be referred to as “a man after God’s own heart.”

The story of David is the story of how God works through ordinary people and extraordinary sinners. The story of David is relatable because it’s also our story.
If you are looking for a time to invite your neighbor or co-worker, this would be a great time! I hope to see you this Sunday!