Worth the Sacrifice

This past week I had the pleasure of going on the high school mission trip with 18 truly incredible teenagers. Because I serve primarily in adult ministries, I do not often get to see up close and personally how things work in our student ministries. I was a little nervous at first; I was worried about jumping into a group of kids that I don't really know. But honestly, I think teenagers tend to get a bad rap. I was blown away with how quickly the students welcomed me, joked with me, and shared with me. I was also impressed with how much the other leaders, who work with the high school ministry on a regular basis, care for the kids. As a parent of a high school student I have reaped the benefits of a small group leader that has consistently and intentionally poured into my child for five years. Our family has been truly blessed by Hope’s middle and high school staff and volunteers. 

But, the truth is, we need more adults who love Jesus to invest in our kid and student ministries. One of the things that Jeff and I teach our kids is that they do not have to come just to us for answers to life’s big questions. But, we do encourage them to seek answers to those questions from people who love Jesus. The way that a follower of Jesus will answer tough questions is very different from the advice and answers you will get from the world. My prayer for every child that walks through our doors is that they will be surrounded by so many adults that love them and love Jesus that they always have someone to turn to when life gets hard. 

I know that serving with kids can be weird and hard. I know that to some of us the thought is very intimidating. My husband, Jeff, has served in the middle school for years. He has had kids lick him, put chewed gum on him and do countless other crazy things to him or around him. It’s definitely not a walk in the park. It takes dedication and hard work. But this past week one of the young men that was in his small group in middle school shared with me how Jeff had inspired him all those years ago. Kids ministry is worth the time and effort. Middle school ministry is worth the time and effort. High school ministry is worth the time and effort. 

So my question for you is, do you have the capacity to serve in our kid or student ministry and walk alongside kids that are not your own? I would love for you to prayerfully consider this question.

And if you want to find out more about our kids and student ministries I will be hosting a volunteer open house this Sunday, August 6 in the commons during both services. There will be information about all of our ministry opportunities. And there will be a handful of people there that can help you to find the best place to serve. I can’t wait to see you there!

Jolene Seal
Connections Pastor