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Do You Even Read This?

Do you ever regularly do something that you do not enjoy? I’ll be honest with you: writing this newsletter is one of those things for me. I enjoy writing a sermon that I then get to share orally, but writing a newsletter where I need to focus on my grammar, sentence structure, etc. is a different discipline for me that takes extra time and energy.

I went back and looked in my files, and I have written more than three hundred newsletters here at Hope Community Church. I generally write on Friday mornings, and then I send what I’ve written to Hopester Kathryn Bond. For years now, she has volunteered to butcher whatever I send her, and she sends back to me something more grammatically correct. If I ever sound smarter than I really am, it’s probably because of Kathryn. (Thanks, Kathryn!)

I think it’s good to do things that we don’t always enjoy. Writing the newsletter has proven to be good for my heart. Though it has been a weekly battle for me, I see God’s provision in it. And occasionally I hear from a Hopester that a newsletter spoke to them at “just the right time.” I’m grateful for all those things.

However, sometimes it’s okay to pivot or to stop doing things that don’t meaningfully add to your life. I’ve been pondering that in regards to this newsletter.

Thirty-five years ago, Hope started a newsletter because it was a crucially important way to communicate to the church family. It was regularly snail-mailed out, and it proved to be a good midweek connection with Hopesters. However, times have changed, and it’s worth asking ourselves if our newsletter is as effective as it once was, or even if it is the best way for us to communicate with the church family and to build connection.

What do you think? It’s generally risky to ask for everyone’s opinions or thoughts because I know we won’t be able to please everyone, but I’d honestly love to hear from you.
Is the weekly newsletter something you value? Does it need to be weekly? Would you rather hear from a bunch of our staff in this space instead of mostly just me? Do you check out the newsletter to keep you up-to-date on Hope’s weekly events, or do you actually read the letter as well? Would filming occasional short videos be more effective than writing newsletters? What other ways could we communicate and build connection, besides a newsletter?

As long as you understand we can’t please everyone, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Send me an email at: nmartineau@hopecc.net.

I’m pondering what is best to do in this space, and I’d love to hear what you think.