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The Door Back Home

During the past few months, we have been intentionally looking back and celebrating the past thirty-five years as a church. It’s been fun to honor old worship pastors, learn about our heritage, and celebrate what God has done through this rag-tag, Jesus-focused church!

Something has happened these past few months that I probably should have expected but honestly didn’t see coming: we have had many Hopesters that I haven’t seen in a long time wander back in through our doors. It has brought back some great memories and made me happy to see some familiar faces from our past.

While talking with one of those familiar faces, I learned that it was hard for him to step back into a church he once left. He shared that years ago he stopped coming for no apparent reason and eventually got out of the habit. He started to believe the lie that since he stopped coming, he wouldn’t be welcomed back. Gratefully, he shared that all those fears quickly went away as Hopesters hugged him and made him feel at home.

In talking with him I came to the realization that sometimes the most difficult door to walk through is the door back home. It can be humbling and takes courage, but the door back home leads towards love.

To all those old Hopesters that may be reading this and wondering what it would be like to step foot back in church, please know we would love to see you, you will be welcomed with a smile, the coffee is still hot, we are still a rag-tag odd group, and we still lift up Jesus above anything else!

Our thirty-fifth anniversary service will be April 30th. We’d love to see you!