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Best Gift Ever

As a kid, I always had really fun memories of Christmas celebrations. The best part was opening Christmas gifts as there was excitement in tearing into the wrapping paper to find a new toy. But sometimes I would get a little sad when opening Christmas gifts as a family. Those other emotions came when I saw older people in my family, parents, aunts and uncles, or grandparents, open their gifts. I would feel bad for them because when they opened their presents, they never got any toys!! They would open boring, “old people” things, like clothes or housewares. And I thought as a kid, “I hope that never happens to me when I get older.”

Well, now that I am (a little bit) older, I don’t get many toys. But, you know what? That is okay with me and you don’t need to feel sad for me. These days, I really appreciate some of those boring gifts and my idea of a toy now comes in the form of tools or other useful items. I know they will last longer than a cheap child’s toy and are really helpful as well. 

Whether you opened tools, toys or some clothes this Christmas, it is helpful to be reminded of what gift we really need. We abound with so much, it is easy to think “What more do I need?” Or our schedules are so busy, we can forget and need a reminder of the best gift ever given. So, what is this gift?

God gave us a gift in His Son, Jesus Christ, who brings many things: the opportunity of forgiveness of sins, a new life in him and everlasting life with his Heavenly Father. Are you excited to receive this gift? Do you have excitement as you think about this gift? We can forget how this gift is exactly what we need. And sometimes it takes a difficulty to really remind us of how great this gift is…that he can be a light in that darkness…he gives hope when you are hopeless… and he gives peace amidst fears and uncertainty.

I don’t know how I could face the troubles and confusion of life without Jesus. 
I don’t know how I could find purpose and meaning in life outside of this awesome gift. 
Think about it. It truly is amazing!

And thankfully, God sent Jesus to us, not because we have it all together or we are good people, but precisely because we weren’t good and we don’t have it all together. And so to receive the gift we need to see that we can’t do things on our own. We needed a light to come from outside of our own crazy, messed up world to come into our world…and into our life, to make us new! The gift of Jesus changes everything! May you continually make room in your heart for Him.

I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful time this Christmas season. I also hope that we can be together on January 1st as the Hershey’s are traveling back to Kansas for a few days at the end of the year. In the morning services, we will be sharing a bit of our journey that God has us on this year in Mexico. We look forward to seeing you and worshiping with you! 

Pastor Mark