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Do It Scared

Last Sunday we looked at Judges chapter 7 and the story of Gideon’s overcoming the Midianite army. We talked about the reality that sometimes when God calls you to do something, there can be some fear and anxiety. That can feel surprising. We often think when following God that we should never be afraid, but that just isn’t reality. In fact, sometimes, fear is what comes when we are being obedient. That’s why we are called to lean on the Lord!
When was the last time you did something and you did not know how it would turn out? How
many times have you been invited to partner in big Kingdom projects, to love your neighbor, to
have that conversation with your coworker, or to give of yourself or your resources in a way that didn’t make sense? And how many times did you hesitate and not follow through because you were scared, anxious, or didn’t want to step into the unknown?
A while back, one of my friends shared with me one of her life mottos: Do it scared! (We now
repeat that in our home often.) It’s an acknowledgment that fear can be a normal part of doing
the right thing, of taking a step of faith, of stepping out in obedience. However, fear need not
stop us from taking the step!
Johann Sebastian Bach, the German composer, would write at the bottom of all his manuscripts
the initials “S.D.G.” Soli Deo Gloria, which means “glory to God alone.” At the top of his
manuscripts, he would write “Jesu Juva,” which is Latin for “Jesus, help!”
Bach knew that every piece he composed was God-inspired, yet every piece he composed also
felt risky and left him vulnerable to critique. Therefore, his opening line of  “Jesus, help!” was
incredibly apt, and his ending declaration of , “glory to God alone!” sums up his adventure.
As you are reading this newsletter, our Ride4Refugees team has started their epic adventure and are bicycling from Syria, Virginia, to Lebanon, KS. Our eight riders are taking turns riding  two-hour shifts for 24 hours a day until they complete their trek. You can’t tell me that they aren’t filled with some anxiousness and fear; they are humans. And I’m guessing every time one of our riders sets out, they are praying some sort of “Jesus, help!” prayer (particularly those riding at 2am!)
I’m grateful for our Ride4Refugees team in modeling how to “do it scared!” They are showing
us that fear need not stop us from taking the brave step to follow what God is calling us to do.
May we follow their example, and when their race (and our own adventure) is complete, may we all proclaim, “glory to God alone!”