About ten years ago, NASA's robotic explorer Curiosity touched down on Mars. This was
a project that was years and years in the making, with hundreds of people playing
different roles to make it happen.
People around the world stayed up with the anticipation of seeing the rover land on Mars.
When Curiosity eventually touched down on the surface, safe and sound, there was a
burst of emotion and celebration that went through the headquarters at NASA. You could
see men and women let loose with excitement. There was so much cheering, lots of hugs,
and lots of high fives.

The scene was pretty epic! You can watch it here
I was recently showing my kids the video, and I thought to myself that we as a church
need to celebrate with that kind of passion and excitement. The work the Father has given
us is important and worth hugs, high fives, and fist bumps!
In less than a month, we will be celebrating here at Hope. Baptism Sunday is June 5. We
will have one service at 10am down on our basketball courts, and we’ll cheer on men,
women, boys, and girls embracing their commitment to follow Jesus with the public
declaration of baptism. I can’t think of any occasion worth celebrating more!
If you’re thinking about being baptized, I’d encourage you not to wait. These are not the
days to wait, sit around, twirl our thumbs, and watch from the sideline as others embrace
the love of Jesus and His command for us to be baptized. If you have questions, please
come to one of our Baptism classes or feel free to call up to Hope and ask for a pastor.
You can sign up by going to our website or by clicking this link: Baptism Signup
If you’ve already been baptized, are you anticipating the moment to let loose and
celebrate what the Father is doing in our church? How are you going to celebrate? Think