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Love Your Neighbor

This past Sunday, Pastor Steve taught on Jesus’ commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself”, and we now have a significant opportunity to put Jesus’ words into action.
Friday night’s tornado left devastating damage, yet miraculously there were no casualties! Amazing! Miraculous! Thank you, Jesus!

While we were spared significant physical injuries, there are many in our community that are left without homes or with major damage. How would Jesus encourage us to “love our neighbor” during a time like this?

In the last few days, we have been regularly communicating with Andover Fire and Police Chief, as well Andover Superintendent of Schools, and the United Way. While we are still working through the logistics of how all of this will work, it is our desire, as representatives of Jesus to be the love and light of Jesus to those in our community.

Here are a few ways I believe we can follow Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor” during this time:
  • Pray! Collectively our community has experienced a major crisis. Pray that people would know the love of Jesus and find the healing that He offers all of us. Please also be praying for our city leaders, first responders, and the many who are sacrificially serving as they try to care for their neighbors.
  • Jump in and help! I’ve already seen many of you give up an afternoon, or an evening, trimming trees, picking up debris, turning your driveway into a rest spot for those helping, or cook meals for those in need. These are important and beautiful ways to “love your neighbor!”
  • Consider signing up through the United Way. The United Way is providing wrist bands that will get you into the most affected areas and the United Way will also be providing insurance for those that volunteer. To volunteer with the United Way just show up at the Andover United Methodist Church (1429 N. Andover Road).
  • You can also signup to help with our Hope Service team (signup at welcome2hope.com). We will frequently send out volunteer opportunities for those that sign up. In fact, we are currently trying to organize many service opportunities for this coming Saturday. Sign up for more info!

We are still trying to figure out the best ways we can come along side and serve our neighbors, and we know there will be much to navigate in these coming weeks, but please join us in praying and serving as we try to be the love and light of Jesus to those in need.