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Jesus said, “whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

John 6:37b


Jesus said, “whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” We think it’s important to note what Jesus didn’t say when He said these words. Jesus didn’t say we must first get our act together, come dressed up, look and act a certain part. Instead, Jesus invites people to come to Him and promises He will never turn them away.
A little while back a longtime "Hopester" described our church this way:

“When our church says come as you are, we mean it. No need for fancy clothes and no church experience required. Do you cuss, cheat and steal? Do you scream at your kids? Addicted? Doubter? Angry? Bad experience with church in the past? Or maybe life is going well? Come as you are!”

When you come to Hope, you'll be welcomed just as you are— just as we all are— and offered a cup of coffee, an authentic worship experience, and honest teaching.


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